Head of Gori Administration Throws Trashcan at Protesters

Yesterday, police were called to Gori City Hall when the head of the municipality’s administration threw a trashcan at a protester on the front steps of the building.

The incident was in response to a protest led by several young members of the civil society organization “Russia is an Occupant.” The protesters demanded the resignation of Gori Mayor Konstantine Tavzarashvili, who raised controversy earlier in the week with a vague statement on the 2008 August War. In the statement, he referred to former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as “ზანგად” (zangad) – a crude slur for a person with dark skin.

The protesters called the Mayor a chicken, throwing grains on the steps of City Hall along with animal dung. After a short demonstration, the protesters cleaned up their props and threw them in a nearby trashcan. Soon after, the head of the city administration, Teimuraz Manvelishvili, took that trashcan and threw it at the protesters, shoving it onto the head of one protester.

Local police fined protest leader Giga Makarashvili for littering.

Gori City Hall has not yet released a comment on the incident.

To see video of the event, click here.


By Samantha Guthrie

Photo: Interpressnews

12 October 2018 08:18