GLOVO - World Leading Tech Company Entering Georgian Market

Glovo, a tech service application enabling anyone to get nearly any product delivered in less than 60 minutes, is entering Tbilisi.

Glovo is a start-up launched in Barcelona, which began functioning in 2015, and then expanded its boundaries to 67 cities (including Madrid, Cairo, Istanbul, Sao Paulo) and 20 countries in three continents (Europe, Africa, and Central and South America). More than 70 million orders have been made worldwide using the GLOVO service, and the average service time is less than 45 minutes.

This is a kind of tech market that allows users to order, receive and send any product in the city. Food, household, and pharmaceutical products are allocated separately in the application, however, the users can purchase any item from another category. The courier service allows the recipient to get the order delivered in less than one hour. Once the order is made, the customer receives complete information about the purchased product and the location of the courier who will provide delivery service.

Glovo's services will now be available to the citizens of Tbilisi. The company has already started cooperating with restaurants, flower shops, bakeries and candy shops. In addition, the application already has a partnership courier network that delivers products within a few minutes.

In addition to cars, Glovo’s partner couriers use scooters and bicycles to deliver products, contributing to reducing traffic congestion in the city and offering the customers an eco-friendly delivery service.

"We are very happy that GLOVO is entering Tbilisi," said Giga Kerkadze, General Manager of GLOVO Georgia. "Europe's leading tech company’s investment will help the transformation of the country's economic sector. Our main goal is to create technological comfort that will allow every person to get remote access to the city, and will provide many partner couriers with a new source of income and new opportunities."

More than 12,000 partner couriers are involved in the Glovo network, while the company has more than 800 employees in various regional offices.

11 October 2018 23:23