Permanent Residence Permits May Require Knowledge of Georgian

According to Business Press News, amendments to the law on Legal Status of Aliens and Non-stateless Persons have been drafted that may inhibit foreigners from gaining permanent residence permits in Georgia if they have no knowledge of the Georgian language.  

Written by the National Movement faction, these drafts are strengthening the laws and requirements for permanent residence permits.  What’s more, the amendments also strive to strengthen the laws for labor permits and illegal immigration.  

The notes for the drafts explain that the current laws in place for permanent residence permits are not sufficient.  Simply living in Georgia for six years with a temporary permit is not enough.  Those seeking permanent residence should at least know Georgian at an elementary level, and further, hold investments or property in Georgia.  

The draft has been looked at by the Committee on Sector Economy and Economic Policy and will be voted on at the next session. 


By Shirin Mahdavi 

11 October 2018 18:57
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