Borjomi Local Action Group Members Participate in International Forum

On 5–6 October, the Global Business Investment Forum was held in Tbilisi, Georgia. Members of the Borjomi Local Action Group (LAG) participated in the form. Within the European Neighbourhood Programme for Rural Development (ENPARD), several LAGs have been established throughout Georgia, based on a European model. ENPARD is a multi-year project funded by the European Union.

The forum hosted approximately 300 delegates from more than 15 countries. It was aimed at presenting Georgia’s investment potential and opportunities and to providing opportunities to network, establish international contacts and share experience.

During the forum, the Borjomi LAG members met international speakers, senior managers, entrepreneurs, founders and potential investors from many successful organizations, listened to their advice on business-related issues and established business relationships.

The Global Business & Investment Forum is hosted annually in Tbilisi, and always features a lineup of international guest speakers ranging from government officials and business executives to potential investors, Chief Executive Officers and entrepreneurs.


By Samantha Guthrie

Photo: ENPARD Georgia

10 October 2018 14:46