State Military Scientific-Technical Center Gets Into the Drone Game

Georgia's State Military Scientific-Technical Center "Delta" has announced that it will work on developing unmanned airplanes and helicopters.

Delta currently manufactures: various modifications of the multifunctional armored vehicle "Didgori," tracked infantry combat vehicle "Lazika," fire reaction system RS-122, special armored vehicles, bulldozers, dearmers, disruptors, and mortars of various calibers and various types of firing modules. Delta also makes several types of bullet-proof clothing and helmets to be used by the Georgian armed forces.

"We are working to develop unmanned aircrafts and helicopters," said a Delta spokesperson. 

Work is also underway on producing firearms, including the anti-tank grenade launcher RPG-60 and the noiseless hand mortar GNM-60. The center explains that they have are had significant successes in the field of sniper rifles.

Delta also has non-military projects, like the modern anti-hail system installed in the Kakheti region in 2015. Called "an ambitious project" by a Delta spokesperson, "Despite the complexity of the system, Delta specialists have developed it in the shortest time and now reduces the damage inflicted by hail in the region of Kakheti 8-10 times," they said.  

Additionally, Delta is working on a new project together with the Emergency Situation Management Service and Austrian company Rossenbauer to develop two new firefighting vehicles. 


By Samantha Guthrie

Photo: Delta

09 October 2018 18:36