Georgian Tourism and the Biltmore's Georgian Fusion Cuisine

This year so far Georgia has seen over a twelve percent increase in tourist traffic.  Such tourism and such increases mean a growth in the country’s income.  As more tourists and foreigners enter Georgia, it becomes all the more vital to provide visitors with the ultimate experiences and food is becoming one the most sought after attractions.  

Georgia, and Tbilisi in particular, offers a variety of tourist activities.  From the cable cars and night clubs to the bathhouses and museums, Tbilisi does not disappoint in beauty and excitement.  However, the food and wine is what is truly not to be missed.  And at the Biltmore Tbilisi restaurants, Georgian cuisine is being brought to a new level.  

The Biltmore is taking traditional Georgian recipes and upgrading them.  With chic and detailed plating and modern techniques combined with tradition, the restaurants have created Georgian fusion that is unique and timeless.  Khachapuri looks elegant rather than homestyle and khinkali looks like a beautiful delicacy rather than a simple pasta.  

As Georgia is seen by more and more, its unique and evolving food is perhaps what will keep people coming.  

By Shirin Mahdavi

08 October 2018 19:53