Military Police Arrest 3

The Military Police of Georgia have detained three people on charges of illegal trade in live ammunition.

Two of the three detainees were listed in the Logistics Support Command for the Ministry of Defense troops, and the third was a civilian. According to the investigation, the two military representatives took the cartridges from one of the bases of weapons and equipment repair, and then began to sell ihem with the help of a friend. Employees of the military police found the ammunition during a search of apartments, warehouses, and cars of the accused.

“We want to declare that every criminal act committed in the Georgian Armed Forces will be followed by an immediate and legitimate reaction, and those responsible will be punished according to the law," said the Deputy Head of the Investigation Department of the Military Police Department, Irakli Bazerashvili.

The defendants were detained in August; however, the Ministry of Defense did not release any information at the time in order to prevent interference with the investigation.

“We didn’t report it and didn’t make it public, as additional investigative measures were being taken in order to convict others of the crime," Bazerashvili said.

Criminal proceedings were instituted under Articles “illegal acquisition, storage, carrying, manufacturing, transportation, transfer or sale of firearms, ammunition, explosives or explosive devices” and “unlawful possession with the purpose of misappropriation or extortion of weapons, ammunition, explosives or explosive devices by a group persons by prior agreement with the use of official position. "

If proven guilty, the detainees will face imprisonment for a term of 9 to 13 years.

By Shawn Wayne

05 October 2018 13:20