‘Greenway Georgia’ European-Standard Technical Inspection Network Centers to Open across Georgia

Twenty-six centers for the technical inspection of vehicles, equipped to the latest standards, mobile service centers for the mountainous regions, 350 new jobs, and a fast and comfortable tech-service are the main goals of Greenway Georgia, a European-standards Georgian company working to revolutionize and clean up Georgia’s transport.

Within the Association Agreement, Georgia took on the obligation to carry out a Tech Inspection system reform for vehicles. From October 1, inspection became mandatory for cars with an engine displacement of 3.0 or more, and from January 2019, all car owners will need to get their vehicles inspected regularly.

Greenway Georgia's main objective is to make the necessary processes of the Tech Inspection quick and safe. Therefore, international experience and strong partners were identified as vital.

Seeking high standards, Greenway Georgia launched operations with the world's leading company Applus+, which is represented in 70 countries and has invaluable experience in Tech Inspection.

“Applus+ is a very important factor for the up-and-coming Georgian market of Tech Inspection and demonstrates that the Greenway Georgia service will be in line with international standards, the main advantage of which will be a quick, reliable, flexible and secure service," said Teona Chkadua, Commercial Director of Greenway.

Greenway Georgia has also established a partnership with the leading inspecting technology company Actia, allowing for inspections that will meet the latest technological requirements.

Commercial Director of Greenway Georgia, Teona Chkadua; the company's Technical Director, Levan Abramishvili; and strategic partner, Vice-Owner of Applus+, Hans-Jürgen Schimpgen, discussed already implemented and planned works in detail on October 2 at the Rooms Hotel.

“The new Georgian program for vehicle inspection according to European regulations will lead to better air quality due to the reduction of high polluting engines, reduction of fatalities due to better technical standards of vehicles, and better behaviour of drivers in traffic,” Schimpgen noted. “To achieve all these goals, the decision of Greenway Georgia to partner with the Applus Group, which has a presence in more than 70 countries, and its automotive division, one of the most experienced companies in the field of vehicle inspection worldwide, was a wise one. Greenway Georgia and the country itself now has access to our know-how in vehicle inspection programs, for example as we have in South America, where programs are organized according European standards and regulations, the Emission program in the US, where we operate on centralized and decentralized programs, and our vehicle inspection programs in Europe.”

“A process is underway in Georgia aimed at bringing the quality of the Technical Inspection of vehicles to European standards. This implies minimizing the effects of vehicles on the environment and decreasing the number of road accidents,” Schimpgen said. “To achieve this, we needed to introduce an international standards-based experienced service.”

“Greenway Georgia will contribute to our operational experience, to our training concepts for vehicle inspection experts, to our internal quality standards and to a fair and solid inspection process which meets international standards ISO 9001:2015 and DIN ISO 17025 as an independent inspection body, and DIN ISO 14001 for environment management. I do believe that Georgian society will contribute to the cooperation of both companies,” Schimpgen concluded.

Chkadua highlighted that one of the strategic goals of Greenway Georgia is to create a strong team of professional specialists, prepared to modern standards. The company’s technical team has already been trained at the Applus+ central office in Spain. This process will continue, and the professional development of people employed in the company is to be systematic.

At this stage, the company's preparatory works are ongoing. By the end of the year, 26 Tech Inspection service centers will be ready to open in different regions throughout the country. At present, the company is seeking new employees to join the Greenway Georgia team countrywide.

By Mariam Merabishvili

04 October 2018 19:34