ICRC Visits Detained Georgian Woman in Occupied S. Ossetia

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) visited Georgian Maya Otinashvili, a mother of three small children, who was detained by occupant forces of breakaway South Ossetia (Tskhinvali) on September 29 and sentenced to pre-trial detention two days ago for “illegally crossing the border.”

According to its mandate, the ICRC visits detained individuals to monitor their treatment and conditions of detention and to ensure that the detainees are able to maintain contact with their families.

“The outcomes and follow-up of the ICRC visits are being discussed with the detaining institutions concerned through a bilateral and confidential dialogue, pursuant to the best interests of the detainees and their families,” the statement of the ICRC reads.

The Georgian PM also commented on the incident, saying the government is doing its best to get the mother of three home.

According to the State security Service (SSS) of Georgia, Otinashvili has been sentenced to a 10-day imprisonment.

De facto South Ossetia’s representative, Murat Jioyev, says Georgia “is using the case of Otinashvili for PR.”

"Although investigation is underway into the case, Georgian authorities and human rights organizations in South Ossetia put the blame on the authorities and blame us for "abduction" and "violation"of Otinashvili's rights. There is an impression that certain forces in Georgia are interested in violating the border to use it for their own PR,” representative of the de facto president of South Ossetia for post-conflict settlement issues, Murat Jioyev, said.

By Thea Morrison

Photo source: IPN

04 October 2018 13:19