2018 Election Candidates

CEC press speaker Ana Mikeladze stated that the process of registration of candidates for the presidency of Georgia is completed - the Central Election Commission of the country registered 25 candidates out of 46 applicants who expressed a desire to participate in the elections on October 28.

According to her, 19 out of 25 candidates are represented by political parties, and six from initiative groups.

"According to the law, a registered presidential candidate has the right to submit a written application to the CEC and withdraw his candidacy not later than 12 days before the election, including October 16. After the expiration of this period, all presidential candidates will be included in the ballot papers, - said Mikeladze.

In total, 46 entities addressed the CEC, of which 26 were from initiative groups and 20 from political parties.

By Shawn Wayne

Here is a PDF list of all candidates for the election from cecko.ge: LIST

25 September 2018 13:32