Armenia Gas Line Repairs

The delivery of natural gas from Russia to Armenia has been temporarily suspended, in order for repairs to be carried out on the main gas pipeline.

The gas transportation company of Georgia officially notified Gazprom of Armenia that gas supplies to Armenia will be temporarily suspended from September 24 to 26 due to repair and restoration works on the North Caucasus-Transcaucasia gas main. The supply of gas to Armenian consumers will continue without restrictions from the domestic supplies.

Gazprom Armenia, a subsidiary of the Russian Gazprom, enjoys a monopoly on the supply and distribution of Russian natural gas in the domestic market of Armenia. In 2013, Gazprom and Gazprom Armenia signed a contract for the supply of up to 2.5 billion cubic meters of Russian gas to Armenia in 2014-2018, and on April 7, 2016, an addition to the contract was signed.

By Shawn Wayne

25 September 2018 13:01