Introducing the Tbilisi Free Zone

The Tbilisi Free Zone (TFZ), the only free industrial zone in Eastern Georgia, is located in the capital city Tbilisi. TFZ occupies 17.0 ha of land, arbitrarily divided into more than 30 individual plots equipped with all the necessary utilities needed for seamless operation of warehousing or production facilities. It provides direct access to the largest labor pool in Georgia, as well as immediate proximity to the main cargo transportation highway, Tbilisi International Airport (30 km) and the city center (17 km).

TFZ offers a tax, legal and administrative environment, where tenant companies oriented on production of export goods or engaged in international trading and services, can receive maximum financial benefits. We welcome companies from diverse fields of business, including technology, trading and services, manufacturing, logistics, warehousing and others.

Companies registered in the Tbilisi Free Industrial Zone benefit from the following advantages:

Tax incentives, which implies full or partial exemption from taxes.

Simplified procedures for company registration and its further operation.

Strategic location, which ensures easy access to different markets and reduction of operational costs.

Eligibility to national certificate of origin which gives local companies all the benefits of free trade agreements between Georgia and EU, China, CSI, Turkey.

Being registered in the Tbilisi Free Industrial Zone, companies engaged in international commercial and industrial operations are exempt from the following taxes:

Corporate tax - 15% of the taxable profit base.

Dividend tax - 5%.

Value Added Tax (VAT) - 18%.

Import tax - up to 12% of import value.

Property tax - 1% of the average book value of property.

Tbilisi Free Zone is a tenancy destination for international and local companies uniquely combining the benefits of the capital city location and a tax-free environment.


20 September 2018 18:16