PM Meets Georgian Diaspora in Washington

During the official visit to the United States, Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze met Georgian diaspora representatives in Washington D.C.

The head of the Government of Georgia stressed the key importance of relations with the diaspora and noted that every single Georgian is an asset for the country.

Bakhtadze noted that he also used to live abroad and can understand how people feel away from their homeland. He also talked about the importance of maintaining the Georgian language among diasporas.

“Care that our diaspora demonstrates towards the Georgian language is indeed a huge effort, which will be prioritized in 2019. Promotion and maintenance of the Georgian language among our diasporas is a key component of the education system reform. Very significant resources have been earmarked in the Draft State Budget of Georgia for the next year,” the PM stated.

Bakhtadze also thanked Georgian students who are studying abroad and noted the government will do its best to create such an environment in the country that will enable every single young person to materialize their full potential.

The PM then thanked the representatives of diaspora organizations for constantly standing by the side of their homeland and for doing their best to represent Georgia in the United States at a very high level.

“I have also lived abroad and when one is far away from home s/he gets especially emotional towards success and troubles of the homeland. I believe that this emotion is common for every Georgian,” the PM said.

PM met Georgian diaspora in Washington

By Thea Morrison


20 September 2018 10:30