Chantliskure Woman Missing

A woman aged 25 who, after quarreling with her husband in the village of Chantliskura (Kakheti region) left the house, has not yet returned. Four days have passed since her family started looking for her.

The Georgian Interior Ministry asserts that the woman, named Asiat Saidova, has not crossed the state border of the country. The village of Chantliskure is located near the Russian border with Dagestan. According to Saidova's relatives, the woman often complained to her mother that her husband's family was mocking her, and said she wanted to come back.

"They had frequent conflicts in the family, and somewhere about three months ago she even tried to commit suicide," said neighbor Leila Maisuradze.

Families and authorities have not yet found any trace of her, but are still looking for any clue or hint of her location.

By Shawn Wayne

19 September 2018 13:07