Parking Fines Increase

Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze has begun an initiative to increase the penalty for business activities in municipal parking areas. The Tbilisi Transport Company has already started to fine offenders, but based on the fact that the fine is small - 10 GEL (about $ 4), the law is still being violated.

"In the city, unfortunately, there are streets where municipal parking places are occupied illegally for different business activities, such as cars with a trailer, which often open close to a tourist bureau or visa services. There are cases where parking spaces are filled with cars for rent, which leaves no possibility for citizens to use municipal parking, "Kaladze said.

The mayor of Tbilisi stressed that there is no way stricter laws for this will hinder the economic activities of the population - there are many places in the city where you can legally work.

The mayor recalled how effective the amendments to the Law on Occupational Safety were. Since August 1, labor inspectors inspect facilities or enterprises for safety, and at the same time, strict fines are established.

"Many were skeptical about this approach, saying that raising fines we allegedly could not solve this problem, but the result is obvious, and here I want to say that this is not the result that we want to ultimately achieve, however, building safety is significantly improved, "Kaladze concluded.

By Shawn Wayne

19 September 2018 12:48