Georgia’s Bakhtadze Meets Senator Lindsey Graham

Within the framework of his official visit to the United States, Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze met Senator Lindsey Graham, Chairman of Foreign Relations Sub-Committee of US Senate, on September 18.

Bakhtadze thanked the senator for his active support towards Georgia and for his contribution leading to a consistent focus on Georgia within the current agenda of US Senate, as it was the initiative of Senator Graham that resulted in a Bill on an Increased Budget for Georgia drafted by the Foreign Relations Sub-Committee.

The Senator stated that Georgia leads the region with its achievements and reforms. He underlined the significant progress made towards democracy and institutional building in the country. Graham also praised the steps made by the country for strengthening its defense capability and stressed the significance of US-Georgia cooperation in the areas of defense and security.

Moreover, Senator also expressed his support for the integration of Georgia in the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance (NATO) and thanked the authorities of the country for the engagement in international peace-keeping missions. He also reaffirmed the US support towards sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia.

By Thea Morrison




19 September 2018 01:03