Kobulia: Anaklia Port Will Overcome Important Obstacles to Georgia's Economic Growth

The Anaklia project fully addresses two very important aspects of economic growth in Georgia, i.e. the advantageous geographical location of the country, whereby it will transform into a logistical hub, and the establishment of Georgia as a “maritime country,” said Giorgi Kobulia, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, at the opening of marine works for Anaklia Deep Sea Port construction.

According to Kobulia, the Anaklia project will play a significant role in increasing Georgia's competitiveness by enabling it to transfer increased volumes of cargo from various trade routes to the Georgian corridor.

The Ministry of Economic and Sustainable Development announced that Kobulia, together with the Chairman of Anaklia Development Consortium Mamuka Khazaradze and other investors of the project, visited the site of the port and witnessed the launch of dredging works of one of the largest and technically capable dredging vessels in the world - The Athena.

“Anaklia is a very important project for us, which helps us overcome two very important obstacles to Georgia's economic growth. The first obstacle is how to properly take advantage of Georgia's geographical location and to form a logistical corridor in Georgia. So far, Georgia has not been using its full potential, and the corridor has been subpar and unexceptional. The Anaklia Port project will provide a very important contribution in increasing the competitiveness of Georgia. Much larger volumes of cargo will bypass the Georgian corridor en route to various countries. In addition, I would also like to emphasize that we want to establish Georgia as a “maritime country,”” the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development said.

According to Kobulia, Georgia has a remarkable historical tradition of being a “maritime country,” and this now needs to be revitalized.

"We held an international marine forum a few days ago where we talked about these issues. We need to increase our maritime activities, namely the development of maritime services, the creation of a fleet, as well as the support and development of “seafarer trade schools.” These are vital issues for Georgia, and I believe that Anaklia and the construction project will provide a solution to these challenges, "said Kobulia, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development.



18 September 2018 19:26