Legislative Amendments for Animal Abuse

According to planned legislative changes, the punishment for torture and cruel treatment of animals in Georgia will be tightened at the legislative level. According to the Mayor, Kakha Kaladze, the relevant package of legislative amendments is ready and will soon be sent to Parliament.

"Unfortunately, several incidents of cruel treatment of animals have occurred with the use of both blunt force items and pneumatic weapons. Due to such cases, and the initiative of the Animal Monitoring Agency, in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a package of legislative amendments was prepared," said Kaladze.

According to the amendments, in the case of torture and/or cruel treatment of animals, the following penalties are applicable: community service, house arrest, fines and imprisonment for up to one year. In a case where such a crime is committed by a minor, the punishment will fall on the parent or legal guardian.

"We are not and should not be a society that kills helpless animals, I think that this bill will have a lot of support from both the parliament and society,” Kaladze said.


By Shawn Wayne

18 September 2018 09:13