Georgian Magazine Editor Assaulted

Zurab Vardiashvili, editor of Liberali magazine, was assaulted in the southern Varketili district of Tbilisi.

Reports state that while Vardiashvili was waiting for someone who had called him, two SUVs stopped next to him and several men jumped out, surrounded him and proceeded with the assault. The men left the scene when bystanders approached.

It has been reported that most of the men have been identified, but nobody has been detained as yet. Vardiashvili, who sustained multiple injuries, said he suspects the police of deliberately dragging out the investigation in order to cover for the perpetrators. Vardiashvili stated that the assailants lured him out by calling his phone, showing interest in buying his car. The assault then occurred when the editor was waiting for the buyer on Saturday night.

The motive for the attack is still unclear; however, Vardiashvili suspects that it might be related to his work, which often involves investigative work and criticizes businesses, companies and political situations.

“There are several groups I suspect that might be implicated in the assault, however I can’t name them without evidence, I have a feeling that the police are trying to protect someone,” he said.

The police are investigating the incident as a regular brawl. Vardiashvili finds it suspicious as the offenders had his name, appearance and mobile phone number.

The police stated that an investigation is underway.

By Shawn Wayne


18 September 2018 09:06