An American Family Calls Georgia Home

Katie and Brodie McClain are an American couple from Los Angeles, California, that have been residing in Georgia for four years along with their children Luke, Annabelle, and Maddy.  After visiting Georgia some years prior, they fell in love with the country.  Upon returning to the United States, they decided that they wanted to move and live in Georgia, and did so.  

First setting up base in Tbilisi, the couple and their family began their new lives.  They started learning Georgian, exploring the country, and even began to master the techniques of Georgian cuisine.    

After traveling throughout the country, the McClains found another location, but this time one in which to settle.  They stumbled across Didi Tchkoni, which is a village in the western Georgian town of Martvili.  Here, they built a house, a garden, a small farm for chickens and pigs, and their new life.  

The McClains have even recently gained Georgian citizenship and have seamlessly integrated into a life in Georgia.  From selling milk and cheese from their animals in the village markets to teaching English and adopting orphans, the McClains are not only living here, but are also giving back. 


By Shirin Mahdavi

18 September 2018 08:57