Georgia's Bakhtadze Publishes Article in US Newspaper The Hill

“Despite the challenges of Russian occupation, Georgia has made tremendous progress in recent years,” Georgian Prime Minister, Mamuka Bakhtazde’s article, published in the United States newspaper The Hill, reads.

The Georgian PM, who now is in the US on an official visit, says that despite occupation, Georgia boasts substantial year-to-year increase in  GDP,  exports and a healthy and growing tourism industry.

“In the face of ongoing occupation, we seek neither conflict nor confrontation. We continue to work towards a peaceful and practical solution to Russia’s ongoing occupation of our lands. We are trying our best to de-escalate tensions, but, to date, the Russian government has not responded to our appeals to find a satisfactory solution,” the article reads.

Bakhtadze underlines that Moscow should not view Georgia in the context of confrontation with the West, adding the Georgia-U.S. partnership is as solid today as it has ever been, and it continues to strengthen under the Trump administration.

“We share President Trump’s view that dialogue with foes is far preferable to conflict. Georgia stands ready to help America find solutions to the region’s seemingly intractable problems,” he added.

As the PM said, Georgia is the eastern anchor of NATO Black Sea security architecture, and a gateway for connecting vital trade and energy routes between Europe and Asia.

“Georgia continues to be an example of a responsible partner, punching above its weight. We have volunteered our soldiers to serve shoulder-to-shoulder with American and NATO forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, sustaining heavy casualties,” he explains.

The article reads that Georgia facilitates the stability of the South Caucasus region through good governance, economic development, and cooperation with neighbors.

By Thea Morrison



17 September 2018 12:00