Kaladze to Crack Down on Unofficial Parking Attendants

The Mayor of Tbilisi, Kakha Kaladze, ordered the head of the municipal supervision service, Giorgi Bagrationi, to monitor public parking areas to ensure that parking rights are not unjustly restricted.

According to him, there are problems with public parking because private individuals – owners of commercial businesses and so-called stoyanchiki – illegally block parking spots. Stoyanchiki are self-appointed parking attendants who often help drivers park and back out of spots and demand a few tetri in return.

“There are often cases when the owners of commercial spaces and so-called stoyanchiki, intentionally block off parking places, which are public and from which each of us should benefit. This approach is categorically unacceptable to me…We will not allow this in any way,” said Kaladze.

Kakha Kaladze asked relevant staff to respond in a timely manner and work towards an immediate solution to the problem.

“There are also cases where if drivers do not pay the stoyanchik, he will not allow them to park. This is categorically unacceptable. Nobody has the right to control public privileges,” the mayor said.

Kaladze announced that a new parking model for Tbilisi will be launched from next year, developed within the city’s new transport policy. It will include zone-based parking.

“In economically active zones, especially in tourist areas, public parking spots are frequently occupied by vehicles that conduct various economic activities. Perhaps everybody has noticed car trailers being parked in public parking areas. In certain cases, these vehicles provide visa or tourist services – that sort of economic activity. Parking is [meant] for citizens to use for parking their cars. Economic activities in these zones are restricted by law,” said Kaladze, directing his staff to take action to open the spaces for parking and prevent illegal economic activities.

According to the mayor, there many places in the city designated for economic activities and those interested can use them accordingly.


By Samantha Guthrie

Photo: Bpn.ge

14 September 2018 13:30