"We Need Equality" Campaign for Women's Economic Empowerment

During an event yesterday, September 13th in Tbilisi, Georgia, the social campaign “We Need Equality” advocated for economic empowerment for women.  “We Need Equality” is a campaign that was set in motion by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Government of Sweden in September 2017 initially focusing on women’s participation in politics.  Yesterday’s event took place to shed led on the economic inequality women face here, especially single mothers, women migrants, and women in low-paying jobs.  Poor pay, abuse in the work-place, property rights discrimination, and inequality of work-loads in the household are among the grievances and realities that “We Need Equality” maps out and seeks to change.  

Yesterday’s event included an interactive simulation with a symbolic women’s home where the women faced various hardships in search of economic independence.  The scenarios were based on real stories and guests of the event and were heard by representatives of the Georgian parliament, government, civil society, and media.

With a 35% gender pay gap, gender-based violence, and low participation of women in economic and political life, Munkhtuya Altangerel, Deputy Head of UNDP in Georgia, and Ulrik Tideström, Ambassador of Sweden to Georgia, are working with “We Need Equality” and Georgia to strive for improvement and equality for women economically and politically.  

Run by UNDP and funded by the Government of Sweden, the “We Need Equality” campaign is working toward a difference and yesterday’s event was one of the steps toward the goal of equality. 


By Shirin Mahdavi

14 September 2018 11:03