Iberia TV Journalists Speak about Threat of Shutting Down TV Channel

Iberia TV journalists doubt that due to financial problems in the company, the channel might be shut down soon.

In their joint statement, released on Thursday, the staff of Iberia TV calls on the Prime Minister and the Government of Georgia to agree with their main financial donor Omega Group in order to enable the TV company continue functioning.

The journalists of Iberia speak about the pressure from the government through creating financial problems to Omega Group Company.

"The main source of funding has been blocked for the television station. There is a real threat of shutting down the TV channel. We believe that the recent pressure on "Omega Group" aims at shutting down the Iberia TV,” the statement reads.

In case of closure of the TV station, the journalists lay the responsible on the government.

“We address the NGOs, the diplomatic corps and the international organizations to use all the leverage available to them to enable the television to continue broadcasting,” the statement reads.

Georgia’s Finance Ministry released a statement regarding Omega Group several days ago, saying the company has Gel 51 million debt to the state, as it was not paying tax for a long time.

The ministry added they will carry out necessary measures against the company, if the debt is not paid on time.

Georgian Prime Minister, Mamuka Bakhtadze also made a statement regarding the case. He says when a company owns a TV station, it does not mean they can avoid paying tax.

“The Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance delayed sanctions against this company 11 times, but we saw even more negative trend. In recent months, the company has further increased the debt,” he explained.

According to the PM, every enterprise or company, which creates jobs in the country, is important for the government, but added that the company Omega has to pay the tax as other companies do.

Iberia TV also spoke about pressure and financial problems in Omega Group in February 2018.


By Thea Morrison




14 September 2018 09:56