European Ecotourism Conference 2018

The fifth annual European Ecotourism Conference held in Tbilisi, Georgia began on September the 10th and runs through September the 14th.  The conference aims to convene in hopes of finding new ways to conserve nature through more sustainable and eco-friendly tourism.  In the modern moment, our planet has been struck with climate change and an increase in eco migrants.  Whether due to man-made issues, natural disasters, or even economic crisis, our ecosystem faces damages and must take time to recover.  Tourism, however, has been like a renewable resource that consistently reemerges and is seen by the ecotourism network as an industry that can be built up and bettered as one means of saving our planet.  

This year’s conference will focus on sustainability in tourism worldwide—not solely in Europe.  Spanning over three days, the convention will feature sessions and panel discussions on Ecotourism and its work in reducing poverty, education of future tourism managers, digital storytelling, transboundary trails and cooperation, protected areas, as well as climate change and European Ecotourism.

The 2018 European Ecotourism Conference is actually the first International Green Conference that has been held in Georgia.  The green conference program for European Ecotourism Conference 2018 is as follows:

September 10th

Session 1

Main Topic: Ecotourism tool for Community Development in the destinations

Key Subject: Ecotourism as Instrument for Poverty Reduction and its Role in the Circular Economy

Key Subject: Ecotourism Destinations - Protected Areas as for Economic Development Key

Session 2

Main Topic: Standards and Business Development in Ecotourism

Key Subject: Ecotourism Business Models – successful Examples

Key Subject: Eco labeling for Sustainable Tourism 

September 11th

Session 1

Main Topic: Ecotourism in the Digital Century – Digital Storytelling, Virtual Travel itineraries

Session 2

Main Topic: Ecotourism in the Education of Future Tourism Managers 

Session 3 

Main Topic: Transboundary Trails and Cooperation’s in Ecotourism – Eco-corridors 

September 12th

Global Ecotourism Network - Glenn Jampol

Asian Ecotourism Network - Masaru Takayma

Aivar Ruukel: Overview towards ecotourism in Europe

Official Presentation of European Ecotourism Network- Aivar Rukel/Kirsi Hyvaerinen /Vicky Smith

Presentation of Ecotourism Trail – Mtatsminda- Turtle lake 

The conference is stated as being held until September the 14th, but only programs until the 12th have been outlined for the conference.  


With the hopes of creating a difference and conserving nature, the conference will be a gathering of innovative and forward thinkers who are yearning for change and for sustainability in the tourism industry.  It will be event not to be tuned out.


By Shirin Mahdavi

12 September 2018 18:25