Why Georgia is the Next Must-See Destination According to Matador Network

Vicki Denig, Author of "Why Georgia (the country) is the next must-see destination for food and wine lovers", articulates reasons to visit Georgia, what to do and where to eat.

"When we say that Georgia may be the most underrated food and drink destination in the world, we’re not talking about peaches and sweet tea. At the intersection of Europe and Asia lies Georgia — the country — one of the most culturally rich, diverse nations in all of Eastern Europe", she says.

Starting from a brief history of the country, the author goes on to suggest activities that would leave a lasting impression for guests. Among these activities, she reccomends to visit the birthplace of wine as "Georgia is known as the birthplace of wine altogether and has produced ghvino for 8,000 consistent vintages", indulge in a "supra" and raise a glass or a horn.

Moreover, the author suggests what to drink, listing Georgian wine including Saperavi and Rkatsiteli. And last but not least, she even suggests the typical dishes to try including the traditional Khachapuri and Khinkali. Along the reccomendation, she also refers to places to dine including Barbarestan for "impeccable service, stunning food, and an in-house sommelier" and Lolita for "great music, chill vibes, and an open-view kitchen allow diners to view local chefs preparing their meal right up until it hits the table".

To view the full article, follow the link: Why Georgia (the country) is the next must-see destination for food and wine lovers

By Anna Zhvania

Source: Matador

Photo: Matador

12 September 2018 13:35