ReWoven Remembered- Exhibition Opens Today

Tonight at 7pm, Chad Smith, the brother of Ryan Smith, founder of rug-producing organization ReWoven, will open an exhibition of ReWoven rugs at the Georgian State Museum of Folk and Applied Art (28 Sh. Dadiani Street - Sololaki. TEL +995 299 61 52).

The exhibition is presented by the rug weavers and museum workers in memory of Ryan, who was murdered alongside his wife and child in Georgia this summer. 

The museum worked closely with Ryan as he set up and made a success of ReWoven.

"Ryan Smith was good friend and big supporter of our Georgian State Museum of Folk and Applied Arts," museum representatives said in a facebook post. "Over the years, he collaborated with the museum; participated in the International Carpet Festivals organazed by the Museum; hosted famous textile experts; and presented the project to various audiences. The revival of traditional carpet-weaving is of great importance."

The ReWoven project was started in Georgia in 2015 in the South Kartli and Kakheti regions in the villages of Kosalri and Yourmuganlo, which are populated in majority by the Azeris. Historically, the carpets woven in those regions, belong to the Kazakh type of Caucasian carpets and are identified as the famous Borchalou and Karachop.

"They were always distinguished by the high quality of weaving technique, and particular ornaments and colors which reflected the centuries co-existing lores and traditions of Georgians and Azerians. These carpets have become very popular on the international market the last ten years," the post went on. "The project of Ryan Smith is very importent one from the point of view of preserving the intangible cultural heritage, as only he was able to revive the carpets with the original design that are woven in the villages and regions where they were traditionally woven over the centuries. The project is very important as a social event for the local population living in these villages as it connects people, teaches them how to support themselves, how to love each other and how to share their success with others. At the same time, the project gives the people a necessary income." 

"We believe that Ryan Smith’s ideas will be continued with the support of his friends, clients, supporters, and the village artisans where Ryan and his family lived and worked," the musueum concluded, thanking those who helped to organize the exhibition opening tonight.

The exhibition will run until October 7.

By Katie Ruth Davies

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