PM: Reform Directed Towards American Companies Operating in Georgia

From January 1, American companies will operate businesses in Georgia more easily, stated the Prime Minister of Georgia, Mamuka Bakhtadze, at the International Conference organized by the McCain Institute and Economic Policy Research Center (EPRC), as reported by Imedinews. 

The Financial Times Editor asked the Prime Minister to comment on the cooperation with the US President's Administration. As Bakhtatdze said, US-Georgian relations in the security sector are at the highest level, but it is vital to deepen economic collaboration. 

"We are trying to transform Georgia into a business and tourism hub. We expect to extend cooperation ties. From January 1, we will implement a new economic and tax reform which will be directed towards American companies to operate businesses with ease in Georgia. We are attempting to develop relations with the US in every sphere," the PM stated. 

The International Conference organized by the McCain Institute in Tbilisi was opened on September 11. According to the organizers, the conference will bring security experts, Georgian politicians, civil activists and business representatives every September. The conference aims to maintain Georgia's place in the transatlantic agenda and to promote democratic progess and Euro-Atlantic aspirations. 

By Anna Zhvania

Source: Imedinews

Photo: Imedinews

11 September 2018 13:56