Most Beautiful Books From and About Georgia According to Vogue Germany

Georgian literature is gaining international fame, with dozens of nurtured talented writes who have contributed to the development of Georgian poetry, prose, fiction and non-fiction. 

Vogue Germany has recently given reccomendation to 11 Georgian books for book lovers to read and learn more about the country. As the article states, "Georgia welcomes you friendly and full of life, looks young and at the same time is shaped by the many layers of its history, is politically and culturally under tension and is moving towards the future. One should experience it. Or you can choose: for example with these 11 books from and about Georgia". 

Bernd Skupin, author of the article "Wortschätze: 11 der schönsten Bücher aus und über Georgien" (Vocabulary: 11 of the Most Beautiful Books from and about Georgia), names Shota Rustaveli's "Knight in the Panther's Skin" the first, referring to the book as "A Jewel". The list also includes "Farben der Nacht" (Falling Apart) by Davit Gabunia, "Lucrecia515" by Lasha Bugadze and "Der Südelefant" (Southern Elephant) by Archil Kikodze. 

To read the article, follow the link: Wortschätze: 11 der schönsten Bücher aus und über Georgien

By Anna Zhvania

Source: Georgia Made by Characters



10 September 2018 19:09