Miss Fashion TV in Rixos Sungate

Rixos Sungate Hotel hosted the Miss Fashion TV award ceremony which was held by the biggest fashion organization in the world, Fashion TV, August 26 - 31. First place from 30 candidates was taken by Gabriela Slivca from Moldova, second place was won by representative of Venezuela, Patricia Acosta, and the crown of the third place was awarded to representative of Israel, Romi Nest.

Miss Fashion TV once again held the annual world-famous beauty pageant in the Rixos Sungate hotel, which appears the leader among entertainment hotels in Europe. The 30 most beautiful girls from 30 different countries took part in a six-day camp, with Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, the UK, France, Sweden, Austria, Greece, Israel, and Argentina among them. All the girls were prepared for the competition and were eager to win, participating in numerous entertainment and sporting events.

After participation in the various events, on August 31 the girls took their place on the podium for the awards ceremony. In addition to the abovementioned results, the Turkish participant, Rengin Kurt, was chosen as a Miss Photo Model.

The models that entered the top ten were given the opportunity to take part directly in the World contest Fashion TV Model, which will be held in Cyprus on October 7.

An Honorary Guest: Jean Claude van Damme

Invited as an honored guest and jury member, the unforgettable star of a plethora of martial arts films and Belgian athlete Jean Claude Van Damme surprised guests at the hotel with his being there. Aside from his duties as jurist, Van Damme spent a productive amount of time on social media promoting the event through photos and videos.

Alongside the famous actor, other jury members of the Fashion TV beauty contest were the owner of Fashion TV Michael Adam, prominent model Demet Sener, the General Manager of Rixos Sungate Hotel Derya Billur and the President of the Women Milan Agency, Dejan Markovic.

By Mariam Merabishvili

06 September 2018 19:05