Echowaves Festival: Four Days of Electronic Music Paradise


Echowaves Festival opened on August 23 for its very first debut on the coast of sunny Anaklia. Up to 40,000 guests from 35 countries gathered for the awaited dose of positive energy.

As the sun set on day 1, thousands of people started arriving on the festival scene in time for their favorite DJs. Starting off with Juan Atkins, Dzijan Emin & Alter Orchestra at 11pm, everyone could feel the Echwaves crowd getting into the vibe that was to last all weekend. On the Khidi Stage, Claro Intelecto played a live set, giving its signature touch to each track. Moving to the Eye Stage, Lehar and Musameci prepared for a B2B (back-to-back) set of banging beats. And as dawn approached, the crowd gathered around the incredible bamboo Taiyo Stage, where DJs took over to lead through to the afternoon. The excitement of the crowd could be heard from miles away.

On day 2, everyone looked comfortable, familiar with the food and music venues, as well where to go for extra entertainment away from the stage. Guests could try ziplining, frisbee, basketball, football, color fest, crafting, ‘magic of astrology,’ yoga, mehndi and more. And as the shadows lengthened, you could see the thrill in each and every participant as they got ready for another night of surprises. Aqua Stage, located in Anaklia’s Aqua Park, came alive with five local and international DJs performing while visitors sipped cocktails and enjoyed the sun and waterslides. At sunset, the legendary Ben Klock and Marcel Dettmann began their first B2B set of the Echowaves weekend. They immediately got the crowd sucked into a state of trance and lasers, taking everybody’s breath away. After they completed the set, both moved to Khidi Stage to play individually for the crowd.

The next day brought even more excitement with the arrival of the king of techno Solomun on the Wave Stage. Dancing behind the decks, laughing with the crowd and showing his love for music with every beat, Solomun gave a spectacular show, and once he was done, the crowd followed him to the afterparty at Eye Stage, where he and DJ Tennis played a B2B for several hours. As DJ Tennis ended his part around 12pm, Solomun took over the until 7pm, giving the crowd a full 13 hours of music to remember.

As the final day closed, everyone’s favorite Die Antwoord gave the crowd chills with their new, well-known melodies. Even with a mixed crowd, it was fun to watch everybody having a blast.

Echowaves Festival was a huge success. Visitors had the opportunity to take a dip at the Aqua Park and in the beautiful Black Sea, enjoy the food and bar trucks and stock up on merchandise. Echowaves fans had the time of their lives, dancing a full four days straight and creating memories that will definitely last for years.

By Anna Zhvania

06 September 2018 19:03