BIAFF Alternative Wave Announces Selected Projects for 2018

The management of International Art-house Film Festival (BIAF) industry platform Alternative Wave finished selection of projects for its 2018 edition.

There were selected 8 projects, out of them 6 are from Georgia, 1 from Turkey and 1 from Ukraine.

Alternative Wave will be held under the framework of BIAFF film festival in Batumi during 19-23 September, 2018.

The list of selected projects:

  1. “56. Spring”, film director Rusudan Pirveli
  2. “Child”, Film direcrtor – Nino Basilia, Producer – Koko (Karlo) Chikhradze
  3. “Victim”, authors – Amiran Dolidze, Tedo Dolidze
  4. “Ghost of City”, Authors – Tornike Tikaradze, Giga Liklikadze
  5. “Easter-Ika”, film director Sopho Chincharauli, Producer – Elene Tavadze
  6. “Shushana”, author – Irina Gachechiladze
  7. “Anton’s Life”, Film director – Yulia Mironenco, Producer – Igor Savychenko (Ukraine)
  8. “Money Box”, Film director Fenit Carole, Producer – Nefes Polat (Turkey)

The selected participants will have opportunity to develop the feature film projects in following directions:

-      Script development

-      Co-production strategies

-      Financing strategy

-      Festival strategy

-      Distribution and Marketing Strategy 

The trainers of Alternative Wave 2018:

-      Gulin Ustun (Turkey)

-      Aysegul Ekmekioglu (Turkey)

-      Nick Holdsworth (UK)

-      Katarina Markova (Slovakia)

-      Nikos Panagiotopoulos (Greece)

 There will be also invited speakers Sergei Rakhlin (USA – Golden Globes), Oleg Negin (Russia), Paul Thiltges (Luxemburg).

At the end of Alternative Wave 2018 the best project will be revealed.

BIAFF 2018 Alternative Wave supporters are Georgian National Film Center, Ministry of Culture of Adjara and British Council.

 Georgia’s Black Sea coastal city Batumi will host International Art-house Film Festival on September 16-23 to feature around 100 films from 35 countries.

The mission of BIAFF is to be an international event designed to enhance cultural exchange, understanding, and collaboration through the screening of new art house-house and non-commercial films from Georgia and abroad.

The event provides an opportunity for well-known film-makers, producers and film critics to meet and share their expertise and works with other people in their respective fields, and gives local cinema lovers and other individuals a better understanding of the industry and its people through retrospectives.

BIAFF is also focused on providing a quality educational opportunity for those people interested in film and cinematography.  

By Thea Morrison



06 September 2018 15:00