Police Officer Sentenced for Murder

The Tbilisi City Court found a police officer guilty of the attempted murder of his wife and the murder of her former spouse.

According to the investigation, the murder occurred in May this year, where the condemned man came home to find his wife and her ex-husband together. The policeman decided to shoot them both and shot his wife in the back, after which he then shot her ex-husband three times. The man died on the spot, and the woman was hospitalized.

The convicted policeman is alleged to have systematically insulted his wfe, beat her and often locked her inside the house; he also threatened her with murder. In April this year, the woman said that she no longer wants to live with him and wanted a divorce divorce, to which the police officer is said to have replied that she was his property and as a woman had no right to resist him.

The criminal case was initiated under the articles Domestic Violence in the Presence of a Minor, Attempted Murder and Murder, which is punishable by imprisonment from a minimum of 16 years to life. The man was ultimately sentenced to 17 years in prison.

By Shawn Wayne

06 September 2018 12:24