Kakha Kaladze, Anouki Areshidze Welcome New Family Member

Tbilisi City Mayor Kakha Kaladze, and his wife, Anouki Areshidze, welcomed a fourth member of their family on September 4. 

On his official Facebook page, Kakha Kaladze writes: "Our love and joy is born today, a small member of our big family - Nicola. Anouki, our sons and I thank you for your support and sharing our excitement. P.S. My heroes - Anouki and Nicola feel good". 

Kakha Kaladze is a Georgian politician and retired footballer. He has served as a Mayor of Tbilisi since November 2017. Kakha Kaladze's wife, Anouki Areshidze, is a former model and a Georgian designer, with her well-known brand 'ANOUKI'. Together, they are now parents of four sons. 

By Anna Zhvania

Source: Facebook

05 September 2018 12:09