Fabrika at Global Architecture & Design Awards

The Tbilisi multifunctional cultural center, Fabrika, took second place in the category "Urban Design (Building)" at the prestigious Global Architecture & Design Awards.

747 buildings from all over the world were nominated and competed in multiple categories.

Fabrika, located in a former Soviet garment factory with an area of 8,000 square meters, was transformed into a modern art center on October 1, 2016. The people behind the idea were the architects of the company Multiverse Architecture - Davy Kituashvili and Gogita Sakvarelidze.

The Georgian architects decided not to radically change the spirit of the Soviet era buildings, leaving the characteristic atmosphere of the past but setting it up with modern equipment and giving it a unique style.

Today there are restaurants, cafes-bars, a hostel, art studios and galleries. Seminars, exhibitions, presentations and many other cultural events are held there.

Fabrika is considered not just an ideal location for the cultural and creative industries of Georgia, but also a platform for the exchange of experience, support and development of Georgian artists of contemporary art.

"The factory has become a unique experience for Tbilisi in conceptual, architectural, urban and social perspectives. It’s the first attempt to create such a development locally, which immediately influenced the transformation of the building into a popular area for artists and hipsters," the Rethinking The Future website says.

The Global Architecture & Design Awards in the field of architecture and design have been issued since 2014. The award was established as part of the Rethinking the Future project of the non-governmental organization Rethinking internet media, headquartered in Delhi.

By Shawn Wayne

05 September 2018 11:12