KazTransGaz-Tbilisi Switching from Paper to Email

KazTransGas - Tbilisi will no longer send out paper receipts to houses, and will be switching to electronic methods such as a text message and e-mail.

The client will be able to choose which method is preferred. In addition to improving the quality of service, this will save a huge amount of paper. The clients of KazTransGas - Tbilisi will receive an electronic form with the same information that has been indicated on the receipt to date.

KazTransGaz-Tbilisi was established in 2006 when a memorandum was signed between KazTransGas and the Ministry of Economic Development of Georgia on December 26, 2005, to supply gas to Tbilisi and adjacent areas.

During 2006-2009, KazTransGas JSC invested around $130 million in the development of KazTransGaz-Tbilisi and Tbilisi's gas supply system.

The company serves more than 417 thousand clients in the capital of Georgia.

By Shawn Wayne

04 September 2018 10:57