Ukraine Increases Gas Reserves

Underground Gas Storage (UGS) facilities are being constructed near the main gas pipeline route and large gas consuming centers in Ukraine in order to operative cover the peak gas consumption. They are expected to compensate for uneven (seasonal, weekly, daily) gas consumption, as well as to reserve gas in case of accidents on gas pipelines and for creating strategic gas reserves.

The volume of gas in the current underground storage facilities of Ukraine as of September 1 increased to 14.694 billion cubic meters.

According to the latest data, 55.49 million cubic meters of gas were pumped into the UGS of Ukraine overnight. September 1 data shows that 24.40 million cubic meters came from Slovakia, 15.42 million from Hungary, and 1.96 million cubic meters of gas from Poland. Today, the Ukrainian UGS is filled to a capacity of 47%.

12 UGS facilities with a total active capacity of 31 billion cubic meters are located on the territory of Ukraine without taking into account Crimea. The government predicts a decrease in gas consumption in Ukraine by five billion cubic meters by 2022.

By Dimitri Dolaberidze

03 September 2018 15:08