PM Attends National Celebration in Mountainous Shatili

The Prime Minister of Georgia Mamuka Bakhtadze paid a visit to Shatili, located on the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, to congratulate the locals on the national celebration - Shatilioba.

The PM took part in the festive events and held a meeting with the locals to discuss their current problems.

“Shatili has been a guard in the north of our country for centuries. Each Georgian and the entire world is proud of this unique monument. We started rehabilitation works at this site in Shatili. Restoration of one more tower was completed this year and we already have a Master Plan of Development for this place,” the PM stated.

Bakhtadze also mentioned another unique monument, Mutso, and talked about a five-year plan for Sustainable Development and Rehabilitation, which envisages rehabilitation works for this historic site.

"During the rehabilitation works, each detail and feature of Mutso will be maintained and the original look of our pride - these monuments – will be preserved. We are rehabilitating roads and upgrading the tourism infrastructure in a very accelerated manner and I am convinced that it will ultimately be reflected in the increased income of the local population. It is very important for us that our citizens return to live in these places,” the PM said.

He also visited some unique towers in Shatili and attended a performance of battle art stylized by the Shavparosnebi and a ritual of beer blessing performed by the Elders of Shatili.

PM in Shatili

Shatili celebration

By Thea Morrison

Photos by PM's Press Office

03 September 2018 11:49