New Kindergartens to Be Built

The management agency for kindergartens will be demolishing 11 buildings in order to make way for new kindergartens. The dismantling of buildings will begin in 2019.

The construction of another 10 new kindergartens is planned for October – November this year.

The Director of the Agency, Kakhaber Gvantseladze, said that they plan to build a total of 31 new kindergartens in Tbilisi in 2018-2019.

Teaching and educational process in 189 kindergartens in Tbilisi will begin on September 17. Nine of them are new.

"The registration of pupils is ongoing, having begun on August 20, and will last until September 7, and as a result we will know the exact number of registered children," Gvantseladze said.

Annually, on average, about 60,000 pupils are registered in Tbilisi kindergartens.

"We think the situation with congestion of registration in kindergartens will improve this year, and next year we will reduce it as much as possible," Gvantseladze said.

By Shawn Wayne

31 August 2018 12:44