CineDoc Holds Summer School for Filmmakers in Gori

Within the frames of the annual CineDoc International Film Festival, on August 18 a summer school was opened in Gori, a project supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

The eight-day training program was designed for 12 Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani young filmmakers, led by three foreign trainers: Justin Mielnikiewicz, Sergei Fink, and Ineke Smith.

Justin Mielnikiewicz is a Polish photographer who works mainly on Soviet issues and one of whose projects reflected the August 2008 War. He collaborates regularly with such famous newspapers and magazines as the New York Times, National Geographic, and Geo France.

Sergei Fink is a Serbian producer with 20 years experience who has worked with such well-known directors as Van den Berg, Vuk Janick, Sergei Kruce, and Mark Schmitt.

Ineke Smith is a director who works in The Netherlands and Georgia simultaneously, having made films which were shown at numerous international film festivals. In Georgia, he has made the following popular films: Putin's Mother, Flying Bird of Kazbegi, Stand beside the President (Sandra Roelofs), and he is now working on an Abkhazian film

During the training in Gori, participants were trained in both theoretical and practical form and had the chance to shoot a short film in the inspiring location. The training program was packed with a variety of activities aimed at introducing Georgian culture to the guests.

The program fell on the 10th anniversary of the 2008 August War and in recognition of the fact, on August 23, the group went to the Museum of War, after which it explored burnt-out building and spoke with the survivors.

By Katie Ruth Davies

30 August 2018 17:18