The Unlikely American Civil War


Trump won’t be removed from office. Not even close! Let’s assume he were impeached by the House (and that’s a very remote ‘if’), the Senate would have to try him. But Republicans could have a super majority – 60 or more votes – in the Senate after the November elections. No way will Trump be voted out of office. Right now, the Republicans have a substantial majority in the House – 234 to 193. They may lose some seats in November, but not the majority. That guarantees no impeachment. I’m predicting they will win even more House seats. Keep in mind the economy has always been what decides elections, and the Trump economy has produced record prosperity. Advantage: Republicans! The US now has the lowest black and Hispanic unemployment in history. At the moment, Trump has an astounding 29% approval among blacks. There’s the election right there in that one statistic. If black approval stays at that level, Trump will win in 2020 by a landslide. Trump’s overall approval is in the high 40s. In some polls it is 50% and moving upward. That’s better than Reagan and Obama at this point in their presidencies. But the key stat is ‘direction of the country’. In that category, Trump’s numbers are through the roof.

The Democrats’ problem is that they have no message other than ‘Get rid of Trump.’ Elections are about the future, and the Democrats are stuck in 2016 and obsessed with the fabricated claim – now obvious nonsense – that Trump ‘colluded’ with the Russians. If anyone colluded with the Russians, it was the Clinton campaign working through Fusion GPS; at the same time Obama corrupted the FBI, CIA and the Justice Department to help. Meanwhile, in their hate-filled anti-Trump frenzy, Democrats have exposed themselves for the deranged socialists they are. And Americans do not like socialists, which is why even Democrats who are socialists, run from the label.

Voters see what’s really happening. Do you think the American voting public wants these lunatics running the country? Hard even to imagine. Obama showed what you get. The media, which has become the Democrat Party, has been forecasting a takeover of the House. But remember this is the same media that said Hillary would win the presidency. The New York Times on election night at 7:00 PM gave her a 96% chance of defeating Trump. By 9:30 PM it was over. There is absolutely nothing to worry about for those who call themselves conservatives and who are rooting for President Trump and GOP – the staunchest supporters of democracy and the good life cast into one whole.

We often hear the word ‘impeachment,’ in Georgia too, for that matter. Some of us don’t even know the exact meaning of the word. It is used when the integrity or validity of something is questioned conducive to a charge of misconduct against civil officers or indictment for treason against the State. In America, the process of impeachment is conducted in Congress: the House impeaches and the Senate tries. In other words, representatives indict and senators convict. It seems that years are passing, and the Democrats find too little willpower in themselves to get over Hillary’s defeat and Trump’s victory in the last presidential elections. They don’t want to put up with this irrefutable historical fact. The Democrat delirium will probably continue forever.

Meanwhile, the country is in reliable Republican hands, and their grip on the helm is firmer than ever before, no matter how much their opponents want to undo what has been done by the American people. Democrats are raving about Trump’s impeachment, but when the variables are put together and calculated, their dream is destined to fail. Maybe this is better than the impeachment of the current American President because some of the predictions purport that riots would be triggered which might grow into uprisings, and civil war could follow too. Just imagine – civil war in America!

By Nugzar B. Ruhadze, from Washington

30 August 2018 17:15