Littering Fines

According to the statistics of the city service for the supervision of Tbilisi City Hall, from January 1 to August 19, 3021 fines were charged for the disposal of domestic or other waste. Due to pollution from construction waste, 192 fines were given, 131 were given in relation to individuals, and 61 to organizations. Among those who were fined for throwing garbage in the wrong place, 34% are foreigners.

With regards to household waste, according to the statistics, for the period under review, 2,838 fines were issued, 66 of which were for organizations, and 2,769 for individuals, of which 1,922 were Georgian citizens and 870 were foreigners. Fines starting from a minimum of 80 GEL (around $30) to a maximum of 500 GEL (around $200$) are given to individuals who dispose of waste illegally in the streets.

The owners of dogs or other domestic animals are also penalized if they do not clean up after the animals in the streets, with a fine of 50 GEL (around $20).

By Shawn Wayne

30 August 2018 13:12