Defacing Tbilisi to Be Fined

Tighter restrictions have been imposed on damaging public areas with posters, graffiti and unauthorized additions to buildings. Coinciding with the beginning of the election campaign, posting campaign posters in prohibited places will be strictly punished.

Those who place posters on or in courtyards, squares, streets, monuments, facades of buildings and so on, will be fined severely, Imedi reports. The Georgian Parliament approved in April this year, and entered into force on August 28, changes to the Code of Administrative Offenses, which provides for an increase in the fine for the disfigurement of the capital.

"We have increased not only the amount of the fine, but have also become more capable of writing out fines. We have stated many times that it is important for us to preserve the appearance of the city. There are many cases of damage to facades. There are many similar issues that need to be regulated. The law should be one for everyone," stated Mayor Kakha Kaladze.

According to the law, the disfigurement of Tbilisi means the unauthorized printing of inscriptions, drawings and symbols on facades, shop windows, fences, poles, trees, the roadway and sidewalks, the placement of posters, banners and slogans in an unauthorized place, as well as unpainted buildings and fences.

This action will be punished with a minimum fine of 200 GEL (around $80), going up to 1000 GEL (around $400). The same penalty will be given if it is a monument of cultural heritage. Repeated desecration of a monument will entail a fine of 2000 GEL (around $800). A fine of 1000 GEL (around $400) is also levied for drawings or inscriptions on or adjacent to administrative buildings. If committed repeatedly, a fine of 2000 GEL (around $800) or an administrative detention of 15 days will be given.

At the same time, in addition to paying a fine, the violator will have to correct the act within 10 days; otherwise another fine of 1000 GEL (around $400) will be given. In addition, a fine will be imposed for the unauthorized installation and/or placement in Tbilisi of ventilation systems, dryers, grills, ATMs, stalls, counters or other light structures. This action is punishable by a fine of 500 GEL (around $200) for individuals and 1000 GEL (around $400) for legal entities.

The installation of the above structures on the territory of a cultural heritage monument and/or the unauthorized change to the site is punishable by a fine of 5000 GEL (around $2000). If the violator does not correct the deed within 20 days, a fine of 1500 GEL (around $600) will be given.

By Shawn Wayne

29 August 2018 13:26