Ukraine, Georgia to Agree on Passport-Free Entrance

Ukrainian news agencies report that Georgia and Ukriane will sign an agreement which envisages simplification of mutual trips for the citizens of both states, using only ID cards.

Ukrinform reports that Ambassador of Ukraine to Georgia Ihor Dolhov stated this during a press club meeting within the framework of the 13th meeting of ambassadors at the Foreign Ministry.

"We received confirmation that the text of the agreement on the trips of citizens was agreed by the relevant agencies of the Ukrainian side," the ambassador said.

As the media reports, the ambassador stated the documents will be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia. Following this, the Ukrainian government will have to authorize a certain person to sign it.

Dolhov added that after the agreement is signed, Ukrainians and Georgians will be able to travel between the two countries using ID cards.

Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze also confirmed the released information, saying it is very important for Georgia that citizens of Georgia and Ukraine will be allowed to enter both countries using electronic ID cards. 

"It is important for us to find new potential in tourism and to make more complete realization of Georgia’s geographical advantage. Consequently, we have made a decision and on the basis of bilateral relations with Ukraine, citizens will have the right to travel in both countries using just electronic ID cards. This will promote tourism development, as well as further economic cooperation in general. In addition, we are planning the use of a similar approach with other countries, and we will provide information about it and in the near future,” he said.

By Thea Morrison


29 August 2018 10:27