31 People to Run for President in Georgia

There are 31 presidential candidates who will run the presidential race on October 28 in Georgia.

30 of them have already addressed the Central Election Commission of Georgia (CEC), out of which 16 candidates have already officially been registered.

The applications of the remaining 16 are being considered by the CEC.

Initiative groups and individuals may apply until September 8, after which the CEC will stop receiing applications.

The election campaign officially began today, on August 29. Consequently, the rules, standards and restrictions have also taken effect for political parties, candidates, public officials, local self-governments, political officials and media. 

Political parties and candidates shall have equal rights and liabilities in the pre-election campaign. 

They have the right to prepare pre-election calls, statements, inscriptions, papers, photographs and more. It is forbidden for anyone to interfere in or hamper this process.

By Thea Morrison

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29 August 2018 10:13