#EqualGame Award Winner Footballer Deletes Facebook after Insulting Comments

The vice-captain of the Georgian national football team Guram Kashia, who currently plays for the San Jose Earthquakes in California, has deleted his Facebook account after insulting comments following the information that he will get #EqualGame Award from UEFA.

Moreover, as media reports, he also shut down his Instagram page.

Kashia was first slammed in October 2017 for wearing a rainbow flag armband in support of the LGBT community during a match in the Netherlands. Some Georgian and ultra-nationalist groups accused him of LGBT propaganda and held several rallies against him.

Kashia’s fans and supporters have now launched a campaign in solidarity to him. They call on the others to post his photo with the slogan #გურამშენთანვართ and tag the vice-captain’s instagram account @37gk.

The #EqualGame award aims to recognize players who have acted as a role model in promoting diversity, inclusion and accessibility in European football and it will be presented at the UEFA Champions League group stage draw and gala in Monaco on 30 August.

"I am glad that I received the #EqualGame Award from UEFA…I believe in equality and equal rights and I will always defend these principles," Kashia said.

He wrote on his Instagram that while he has at least one fan in Georgia, he will play in the national team. The player also wrote that he does not regret anything and always stands against violence and aggression.

"I love my country, I love our culture. I'm really a religious person. All this is important for me. I am the proudest person on earth. I'm happy that my fans are supporting me, thank you very much. I love you," he wrote.

By Thea Morrison

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