Georgian Artists Put Country on Display at Edgy Frankfurt Exhibit

The exhibition Lara protects me. A Georgian story is a combination of videos, photographs, drawings, design and fashion objects that tell the stories of various convergences and relationships throughout the country of Georgia.

The exhibition will open at the Museum of Applied Arts (Museum Angewandte Kunst) in Frankfurt on September 20, 7:00 pm and run through January 20, 2019.

A group of Georgian artists and artistic collectives will create the exhibit by presenting work that represents their country’s culture to museum goers in the four-month show which opens two weeks before this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair (October 10-14), where Georgia is the guest of honor.

Contributors to Lara protects me. A Georgia story include Ana Chaduneli and Tamar Chaduneli, Danarti, Giorgi Geladze, Salome Jokhadze, Tamuna Karumidze, Irakli Kiziria and Zuka Babunashvili, David Meskhi, Dina Oganova, Patara Gallery and Situationist.

The website for Georgia – Made by Characters introduces the project, saying “Tbilisi, they say, is the New Berlin. Late night partying and scope to do one’s own thing are luring ever more people to Georgia’s capital. Located at the intersection of key trade routes for centuries, Tbilisi has always brought different peoples together – whether involuntarily, through occupation or conquest, or willingly and generously by offering refuge to those driven from elsewhere. The populations seldom merged; instead, the separate groups learned to create permeable boundaries, leading to an eclectic mix of cultures existing side by side. What can be felt from this today? In the exhibition “Lara protects me”, video works, photographs, drawings and design- and fashion objects tell the stories of various convergences.”

Georgia – Made by Characters is the government project for the book fair, organized by the Georgian National Book Center and Creative Georgia.


By Samantha Guthrie

Photo: Georgia – Made by Characters

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