Kobakhidze: Georgian Dream Will Back a Presidential Candidate

Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia and executive secretary of the Georgian Dream political party Irakli Kobakhidze, spoke to journalists this weekend and announced that his party definitely plans to back a presidential candidate in the October elections.

“Today we talked with our party members about our decision not to nominate our own candidate. We will definitely support one of the candidates. Our position is important. We have a responsibility before our voters in this presidential election. Therefore, our involvement will be active, but we will not have our own candidate in the elections,” said Kobakhidze.

When asked about Salome Zurabishvili, an independent presidential candidate who is so far assumed to have the implicit support of the ruling party, Kobakhidze declined to comment.

Georgian Dream plans to declare their explicit support for a candidate after September 8, after all the official candidates have been announced.



By Samantha Guthrie

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