Brain Tumor Claims Life of US Senator McCain

US Senator John McCain passed away yesterday, aged 81, as a result of cancer.

81-year-old John McCain, one of the most authoritative republican politicians, had suffered a year of illness.

A military man, John McCain served in the navy during the Vietnam War; in 1967, his plane was shot down, and the future politician spent six years in captivity. After retiring from military service in 1981, McCain went into politics - and in 1987 became a senator for Arizona, being re-elected to this post five times. In 2008, he was a candidate for the Republican Party in the presidential elections - but lost to Barack Obama.

McCain is known for his tough stance on foreign policy issues: in particular, he sharply criticized Vladimir Putin both within his presidential campaign, and later, and also stated that the United States must supply lethal weapons to Ukrainian troops conducting military operations in southern Ukraine.

In July 2017, McCain was diagnosed with glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain tumor. The disease was discovered after he had an operation to remove a thrombosis over his left eye. Ten days before the discovery of the tumor, many people had commented on his strange behavior in Congress, where he asked confusing questions to the former head of the FBI, James Komi. At the time, American television presenter Tom Bergeron wrote on Twitter: "The state of our democracy now causes fewer questions, but the health of John McCain - many more."

After the diagnosis was announced, the McCain family said that they were considering chemotherapy and radiotherapy. 

Within a month, after brain surgery, John McCain returned to the Senate to take part in the beginning of the debate on healthcare reform. His appearance was applauded by representatives of both parties; despite a serious illness, McCain was able to deliver a 15-minute speech on the state of affairs in American politics.

"Many of you in recent days have supported me with care and prayers, and this is very important to me - it's really important," McCain said. "So many people have said nice words about me that, it seems some of you have mistaken me for someone else. Nevertheless, I appreciate every word, even if many of these words are undeserved. "

By Dimitri Dolaberidze

26 August 2018 10:52