Tanker Still Missing Off The Gabonese Coast: 17 Georgians Were On Board

On August 21, Gabonese officials reported that a tanker with 17 Georgian sailors on board has been missing off the coast since August 14.

The area where the ship disappeared off the screens is notorious for piracy and ship-hijacking. Furthermore, evidence has led officials to believe that the case is related to it.

Indeed, the tanker turned off its locator beacon which is a radio-frequency used to locate airplanes, vessels and persons in distress. Pirates usually cut off the beacon when they are on board. Moreover, according to AFP, a crew member aboard a ship sailing in these waters received a distress message by radio.

Currently, researches are still undergoing.

The tanker, Panamanian-flagged, is owned by a Greek company, Lotus Shipping Co. Ltd. Its purpose was dual: oil or chemical products. Media outlets report that 2 Russian sailors were also on board.

By Antoine Dewaest

Photo: AFP

23 August 2018 14:25